Interested in Orthodoxy?

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Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith

Reading is good...  Worshipping with the Orthodox is even better!

Becoming Orthodox...

with a capital "O"

After over 13 years of discernment, on Orthodox Pentecost  (June 7, 2009), I was chrismated (anointed and confirmed) and received into the Orthodox Church.  My new church home is St. George Antiochian Cathedral in Oakland, where I attend along with my husband Chris, who was received in November 2007, my oldest daughter Meredith, my son-in-law Josh, my grand-daughter Katherine, and the child soon to be born into their family. Though my husband and my daughter became Orthodox before me, our common interest in the Orthodox Church began fourteen years ago, long before our move to Pittsburgh from Canada.

I have been an Anglican for nearly a quarter of a century, and am grateful for all that this communion has meant to me and given to me—a wonderful musical tradition, a grasp of the God’s love, awe and vibrant joy in the liturgy, a sense of the breadth of God’s Church, purpose in mission, and faithful witness even in very difficult times.  I owe much to many brothers and sisters in the Anglican Church, and have become very close to them, especially as we have worked together for the health of the Anglican Communion, in the Realignment, and in the formation of a new North American province. I have deep love and respect especially for the Primate designate, Bishop Robert Duncan (whom I have served with great enthusiasm) and for many other godly leaders who are committed to the Scriptures and to authentic Christian faith and practice. I will continue to pray that the LORD will join faithful Anglicans—evangelicals, charismatics and Anglo-Catholics—into a renewed and vibrant communion that can speak with one voice in discussion with other Christian bodies.

At the same time, I have been drawn in a compelling manner towards the Eastern Christian tradition, and every day deepen in my appreciation for its apostolic claims, its healing disciplines, its ancient theologians, its sacramental spirituality and its rich liturgical tradition. Despite my temptation to stay and fight for the Anglican way in these confused times, it became clear to me that I must go, in obedience, where the Lord is directing me. I am thankful for Orthodox friends of every jurisdiction who have helped me to understand the historic Church, and who, while I asked my many questions, shone with the love and peace of the Lord Jesus. Coming to Orthodoxy has shed light on persistent concerns and has also brought to a new fulfillment my desire for the riches of the Holy Spirit, a yearning inculcated in me during my youth when I was a member of the Salvation Army, and in my middle years as an Anglican. At the same time, the journey has meant coming to understand these questions and longings within the context of the historic and living Church. The welcome that I am receiving from Orthodox friends, both old and new, is overwhelming.  I invite any reading this webpage to contact me if you have questions Orthodoxy, or about my journey home. 

I praise You, O God of our fathers, I hymn You, I bless You, I give thanks to You for your great and tender mercy.

To You I flee, O merciful and mighty God. Shine into my heart with the True Sun of your righteousness.

Enlighten my mind and guard all my senses, that from this time on I may walk uprightly and keep Your commandments, and finally may attain unto all fullness of life, found only in You, who are the source of life and the light of all.

For You are my God, and unto You, O Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be ascribed glory, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.